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Certification Assistant "SBE (Only)"

Certification Assistant "SBE (Only)"

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We specialize in providing tailored administrative and technical support to help small businesses navigate the process of obtaining Small Business Enterprise (SBE) certification. Our expert assistance ensures a seamless path to certification and helps small businesses maximize the advantages that come with this recognition.

What is a Small Business Enterprise "SBE"?

SBEs is a Small Business Enterprise that meets specific race-neutral ownership and economic criteriaestablished by State and Federal guidelines


  1. Initial Assessment: Our process begins with a comprehensive consultation to understand your business, objectives, and current standing.
  1. Document Preparation: We assist you in collecting and organizing the necessary documents, ensuring their accuracy and completeness.
  2. Compliance Evaluation: Our team ensures that your business meets all eligibility requirements and compliance standards for SBE certification.
  3. Strategic Guidance: We collaborate with you to develop a business strategy that underscores your disadvantaged status and ownership.
  4. Networking Support: We connect you with relevant industry contacts and events to broaden your business network.
  5. Application Assistance: We guide you through the application process and handle any inquiries from certifying entities.
Ongoing Partnership: Our support continues post-certification, assisting you in leveraging your SBE status, pursuing opportunities, and maintaining compliance.


    • Customized support tailored to your business
    • Streamlined application process
    • Enhanced visibility and networking prospects
    • Access to government contracts and set-aside programs
    • Sustained assistance for your long-term growth

      Let us guide you in achieving SBE certification, opening up new avenues for your small business, and helping you thrive in diverse markets.

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